IB Chinese Tutorial Course

Test prep course for IB Chinese
eChineseLearning offers one-to-one tutorial courses for IB Chinese examinees. Our Chinese teachers will select appropriate materials based on your specific needs and level. In addition to improving your IB test-taking skills, we aim to improve your various abilities in all aspects of your Chinese learning: speaking, listening, reading, writing, as well as your understanding of Chinese culture and literature. The highly qualified Chinese teachers will work on reinforcing your strengths while strengthening your weaknesses.
Our Tutorial Courses for IB Chinese Examinees consist of the following courses:
  • Chinese Tutorial Course for A1 (Higher Level & Standard Level) IB Examinees
  • Chinese Tutorial Course for A2 (Higher Level & Standard Level) IB Examinees
  • Chinese Tutorial Course for B (Higher Level & Standard Level) IB Examinees
  • Chinese Tutorial Course for AB (SL) IB Examinees

What Our IB Course Students Say:

Chen Zhang, Jinghuai Xiong, Zitao Pan and Haoyang Cui are some of our students taking IB Chinese lessons at eChineseLearning. We are so pleased they wrote a Chinese song to express their appreciation and sing their praises to eChineseLearning.


These online IB Chinese courses are for test reviewing purposes only and do not replace classroom teaching. Students who wish to undertake an IB Chinese examination must attend an authorized IB school. All materials used in this online IB Chinese course have been developed independently and are not endorsed by the IB Organization. Want to learn more about our tutorial courses for IB Chinese examinees? Take a free trial lesson now.
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Adoptive family Chinese culture teachers
Ruiya and Wenting
"I'm a 14 year old student living in Hong Kong, and I have been learning Mandarin with eChineseLearning for three years now. My current teacher is Alisa, and I think the classes are interesting. I've learned a lot about Chinese history and interesting stories from the past. We also talk about modern things that help me improve my Chinese. Overall, eChineseLearning has helped me greatly and I look forward to future classes."
- Cuthbert Chow, Hong Kong
Aug. 28, 2017