Our Students

Tens of thousands of students from over 100 countries from age 3 to 86 have enjoyed the high quality service of eChineseLearning (K-12, Universities, professionals from a wide range of industries, etc.). We offer a wide range of subjects to best prepare our students for their future!

Students from the following educational institutions (selected list):

Chinese school

We have helped employees from the following organizations (selected list):

Clients of corporate Chinese training

Students in the Media:

  • Our student Eddie, having studied Chinese with us for years, performed Chinese cross-talk at the 2011 CCTV Spring Festival Gala (watched by over one billion Chinese people in the New Year's Eve), along with the most famous foreigner in China- Da Shan. Watch the video clip now!
  • Our student Yang Binshi, who was from California, went on the top rated Chinese TV show If You Are the One (Fei Cheng Wu Rao). Watch the video clip now!

Selected Student Profiles:

  • A four-year old from San Francisco
  • A high school student from Chicago taking AP (Advanced Placement) Chinese prep courses
  • An adopted child originally from Jiangsu, China in an American family
  • California parents of an adopted girl from Anhui, China
  • A couple from Switzerland who adopted a child from Yunnan, China
  • A sophomore student from Columbia University
  • A leader of IBM Shanghai branch
  • The Headmaster of a Chinese school in Spain
  • A Vice-President of global sales and China operations for a multi-national company
  • A staff member in Saudi Arabia's embassy in China
  • A well-known movie star from Hong Kong
  • A host from a Canadian radio station
  • An investment banker in Hong Kong
  • A VP in Cisco
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Eric-a media executive is sharing how our professional teaching method helped him with his Chinese learning
Eric Olander
"With eChineseLearning, the Mandarin Institute created an authentic learning environment that enhanced its middle and high school programs. eChineseLearning supported our in-class instruction by providing one-to-one dialogues that increased the students' interpretive and interpersonal language skills. The tutors formed positive interactions with our students and adapted to our curriculum requirements."
- Yalan King, Executive Director of Mandarin Institute, San Francisco
Nov. 20, 2017