Learn Chinese through Movies and TV Programs

This course helps Chinese learners understand the Chinese language and culture through many classic and latest Chinese movies and TV programs. A wide range of movie genres are covered, including drama and action movies such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, If You Are the One, etc.
TV programs such as situational comedies (e.g., Love My Family, Aiqing Apartment) and variety shows such as Happy Camp are also covered. Through one-to-one interaction with a Chinese teacher, a Chinese learner can not only improve her Chinese language skills but also enhance her understanding of the Chinese culture.

Level 1

  • Chinese learners will learn some basic but classic lines in Chinese movies and TV programs. They will gain the ability to understand the explicit meanings in dialogues.

Level 2

  • Chinese learners will learn more complicated dialogues and understand implicit meanings in these dialogues.

Level 3

  • Chinese learners will learn to understand fairly complicated plots and cultural connotations in Chinese movies and TV Programs. They will gain a deep and broad understanding of the Chinese culture.
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Chinese immersion program in China
Hajna McGrath
adult talking about his online Chinese teacher
Vincent Li
"Simply put, eChineseLearning is in a league of its own. No other program on the market can equal it for depth or value. Students avoid the often stale environment of endless repetition and worksheets. Every class is a lively experience with a native speaker reinforcing students' grammar, introducing colloquialisms and offering encouragement exactly when it's needed. I feel this has been one of the best investments of my life."
- Jacob Mustoe, United States
Aug. 3, 2017