Learn Chinese through Cartoons (Kids)

This course helps kids learn Chinese language and obtain a good understanding of Chinese culture through cartoons. Instructors may select classic and recently released Chinese cartoons such as Pleasant Goat and Big Bad Wolf, Big Head Son and Small Head Dad, Journey to the West and so on. And through practice with instructors, your children can improve practical language skills.
customized Chinese lessons for kids

Level 1

  • Kids will learn and understand some basic but classic lines in Chinese cartoons. They will also gain the ability to understand the explicit moral of the Chinese cartoons.
customized Chinese lessons for kids

Level 2

  • Kids will continue to learn classic lines and study more complicated dialogues in cartoons. They will gain the ability to understand the implied moral in Chinese cartoons.
customized Chinese lessons for kids

Level 3

  • Kids will learn to understand fairly complicated plots and cultural connotations in Chinese cartoons. These lessons will help give your children a broader and deeper understanding of Chinese culture.
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kids learn Mandarin with online Chinese tutor
Madeline Owens
kid talking about how much she loves online mandarin tutor
Amelia Gu
"I love my Chinese classes because I get to learn from Chinese cartoons. It's very interesting. I'm always looking forward to my next class. I have learned many Chinese words and expressions. I'm happy that I can talk with my Chinese friends now."
- Ethan, France
Mar. 5, 2018