Chinese Lessons for International Trade

This Mandarin course is specifically designed for those who are or will be involved in international trade with Chinese counterparts.
Selected Topics:
  • Currency and exchange rate
  • Import and export
  • International trade negotiations
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI)
  • Trade deficit
  • Tariffs, subsidies or import quotas
  • Intellectual Property
  • International trade law
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Online business Chinese courses
Hollis Ho
Jayshiro-a university professor is sharing our professional Chinese teaching method and online courses
Jayshiro Tashiro
"I work for a trading company that exports industrial products. I could do some basic conversation with Chinese clients before; but about two years ago, it got to the point where the language was the main hurdle for me to be effective at work. For the past couple of years, my Chinese teacher Kimberly has been terrific in building my vocabulary in trade, negotiation, etc. Now I could travel to my client sites without translators and discuss potential deals by myself. Thanks Kimberly and everybody else on the student service team!"
- Robert D. Welsh, Jersey City, NJ
Dec. 25, 2017