Chinese Lessons for Finance

Chinese lessons for Finance are designed for professionals who intend to communicate effectively in the daily demands of the financial world. This Chinese course caters to the needs of busy financial professionals with the added convenience of learning in the office or at home.
Mandarin for finance

Beginner Chinese Lessons for Finance

  • This beginner Chinese course is designed for professionals who have no or very limited prior knowledge of Mandarin in the financial field.
  • Goal: Learn to conduct basic conversations expected in the daily work of a financial professional.
Online Mandarin for finance

Intermediate Chinese Lessons for Finance

  • This intermediate level Chinese course is designed for financial professionals who have acquired a foundation in Mandarin, but have difficulties handling certain functional tasks.
  • Goals: Improve functional skills in handling various challenging and specialized tasks and have a better command of the vocabulary and expressions in finance.
Mandarin courses for finance

Advanced Chinese Lessons for Finance

  • This advanced level Chinese course is designed for professionals who already possess a good command of Mandarin in the financial field, but occasionally can be hesitant as they search for patterns and expressions.
  • Goals: Gain experience and obtain proficiency and confidence in handling complicated and challenging communication tasks (complex deal-making, etc.).
Selected topics for Chinese lessons for finance:
Investment Banking Investment Funds
China Capital Market Derivatives
Stock Trading Insurance Products
Intellectual Property Credit Markets
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"I think you all do very well! Your delivery method is flawless and my teacher Margaret is great, and very patient with me. I will continue taking lessons with eChineseLearning for the foreseeable future! I really appreciate the opportunity to maintain my Chinese skills at an affordable cost-this is very important, because I'll be taking Chinese lessons regularly for a very long time-and with such high-quality teaching."
- Michael Hilton, a financial planner in an investment bank in the U.S.
Aug. 12, 2017