Travel Chinese Lessons

eChineseLearning's travel Chinese lessons are designed to help make your trip in China more enjoyable by teaching you practical Chinese phrases and expressions. The one-to-one lessons focus on spoken Chinese that will be useful in situations that you might encounter on your trip.
Selected Topics:
  • Introducing yourself (My name is…and I am from…)
  • Asking for directions (How do I get to…)
  • Taking taxi (I am going to…)
  • Night life (I want a Gin & Tonic...Could I ask your name?)
  • Ordering food in restaurants (I would like to order Mapo Tofu…)
  • Checking in/out hotels (I would like to check out tomorrow morning…)
  • Exchanging money (I would like to exchange 100 US dollars…)
  • Bargaining (Can you make it a bit cheaper…)
  • Asking for a date (Can we meet for coffee tomorrow…)
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Nick Barry
adult talking about Chinese language tutor online
Jayshiro Tashiro
"I would like to express my great satisfaction with ECL(eChineseLearning) course. In my third month I am already able to construct small sentences and establish simple conversations in my current business travel to Taiwan. Through this course I realized that it is really possible to learn Chinese. Despite the difficulty, I am enjoying the learning process provided by your didactical methodology. I would like also to attest competence of ECL teachers, in particular of my primary teacher Lea. I feel ECL teachers very committed with my learning process. Congratulations. Keep up the outstanding performance."
- Carlos Santos, France
Aug. 12, 2017