About eChineseLearning

Over the past 16 years, eChineseLearning has been providing the best Chinese language teaching services to a wide variety of Chinese language learners, companies and organizations from all over the world.
Mission Statement
Provide the best Chinese language education service worldwide at an affordable price and always focus on the needs of our customers and offer them effective and enjoyable Chinese language learning experience.
Our Team
eChineseLearning has some of the best Mandarin Chinese teachers. All of our Chinese teachers have received systematic training in “Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language,” and are experienced in working with individuals from over 100 countries, from 3 to 86 years old, as well as with schools and corporations. In addition, all of our Chinese teachers get continuous and rigorous on-the-job training that guarantees the best learning experience for our students worldwide.
Our Students
Tens of thousands of students from over 100 countries from 3 to 86 years old have enjoyed the high quality service of eChineseLearning (K-12, Universities, and professionals from a wide range of industries). We offer a wide range of subjects to best prepare our students for their future!
Teaching Method
The method of “Individualized Instruction (II)” helps students learn Chinese more effectively by incorporating customized learning experience. By analyzing the specific needs and characteristics of each learner, a Chinese teacher adjusts the pace of learning based on the abilities of each individual and designs the most relevant teaching curriculum for each individual, including designs of scenarios, study tasks, and supplementary learning materials.
As a world’s premier online Chinese language school, eChineseLearning awards Chinese language certificates recognized worldwide by many employers and institutions. If a student successfully completes a program for a required period of time, the student will be awarded a Chinese language certificate from eChineseLearning. The certificate will be mailed to the student.
Media Coverage
“Fred Rao, the founder of eChineseLearning, which offers one-to-one Mandarin instruction through Skype, predicts fierce competition…”
Third-Party Reviews for eChineseLearning
“I plan to stay with eChineseLearning for a long time. They offer a great variety of courses in addition to the beginner’s course, including children’s, student’s, business, Language Proficiency Exam prep courses and other courses. All are individualized to the students’ particular needs, and are one-to-one live instruction. I highly recommend eChineseLearning to anyone interested in pursuing the study of Mandarin Chinese.”


Ian Costanzo

Student Feedback

“eChineseLearning has helped me learn Mandarin easily and at my own pace. Both teachers and the support team have worked with me during the past two years. I worked with my one primary teacher and also four secondary teachers, all of whom have been wonderful and kept an eye on my progress and needs. The support team helps a lot as well in getting started and using the online environment. As an academic faculty member and researcher for over 30 years, I was very careful during my search for and selection of an instructional program to help me learn Mandarin. I found the one-to-one instruction using a Skype environment to provide a direct and important presence by the faculty members. I will continue to take Mandarin classes with eChineseLearning until I am fluent and can easily travel and work in China.”
– CEO of Maxit Systems, Tucson, Arizona,USA; Director of Research, BeaconWall,Limited, Hong Kong, China
Sept. 20, 2017
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