Learn Chinese through Songs (Teens)

Teens will learn Chinese through many popular contemporary Chinese songs like "Let's Swing Our Oars," "Small Basket Carried on the Back," "Childhood," "Edelweiss," "Story of the Time," and "Youth Memento Book." By taking this course, teens will advance their Chinese language skills and culture understanding while having a lot of fun!
customized Chinese lessons for teens

Level 1

  • Teens will learn some simple yet popular Chinese songs, where they can master some basic Chinese words and phrases that they can use in daily life.
customized Chinese lessons for teens

Level 2

  • Teens will learn to comprehend the sentences and grammatical structures in the lyrics. They will also be guided to analyze the emotions expressed and meanings implied in the songs.
customized Chinese lessons for teens

Level 3

  • Teens will learn complicated expressions and culture connotations in the lyrics and gain a deeper understanding of Chinese language and contemporary culture.
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Adoptive family Chinese culture teachers
Ruiya and Wenting
"I used to love Chinese music when I was a little kid even though I didn't understand it at that time. I signed up to learn Chinese via songs. I didn't really like studying much before, but now every time my teacher shows me a new song, I actually get excited to learn!"
- Joanna, Dallas, Texas, U.S.
Feb. 8, 2018