Chinese Culture Lessons

Chinese Culture Level 1
China is a country with a long history and rich culture. eChineseLearning's Chinese culture lessons are designed to give you a deeper understanding of various facets of Chinese culture.
Selected Topics:
  • Taboos for Chinese number (Why don't Chinese like Number 14…)
  • The secrets of gift giving (Why is getting somebody a pair of shoes a bad gift idea…)
  • Showing courtesy (the Chinese way…)
  • Table manners (seating arrangement, using chopsticks…)
  • Spring Festival (red envelopes…)
  • Seeing guests off (What you can't say if your guests are travelling by airplane…)
  • Addressing young ladies (Don't call them "Xiaojie" unless you have to...)
  • Greetings-the Chinese way (Have you eaten yet?)
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Ian-a Canadian student is sharing his Chinese learning experience and further Chinese study plan
Ian Costanzo
study Chinese at eChineseLearning
Erick Olander
"It is a great experience. Chinese culture is very fascinating and attractive. With eChineseLearning, I learned so much. Your Chinese culture lessons are great and your Chinese teachers are very professional."
- Amelia E. Auguste, Albany, NY
Aug. 12, 2017